Modern office design continues to evolve, as we move into the future. Managing the preferences and needs of multiple people can be a mountain of a task. We take a look at what businesses are prioritising when it comes to their office designs as well as what employees require to be top performers.

Discover the latest design trends and how DB Interiors can help you design a modern, contemporary office below.

Making the office feel like home

New generations are entering the workplace and bring new and innovative methods of working. There has been a growing trend of remote working where employees are showing preference toward working from home. This has made it important for businesses to make the office an attractive environment to work in and supporting players to engage in the work environment.
Making the office feel more productive than home is one method for achieving this, while simply adding comfort areas where people can work on beanbags or other break out furniture. This will help embrace employees a new way of working.

Creative office suites

Many companies are now looking at their commercial interiors and placing a stronger focus on creative designs. Creative designs can simulate increased thinking and also ‘wow’ clients or customers who visit your office space. DB Interiors are often told by clients that they want unique office interior fit outs that display their company’s culture and personality.

Collaborative office workstations

Business managers are continually looking for ways to increase collaboration among team members, and one way of doing so is to utilise open-plan, collaborative office workstations. While not everyone is accustomed to working in an open-plan environment, businesses have been finding a balance by incorporating flexible open-plan designs. Flexible office designs provide both the open-plan layout as well as quiet zones for people who prefer working in less-noisy environments.

Quiet zones

An employee survey showed that office noise had a direct impact on an employee’s satisfaction and ability to work. Offices that integrate open-plan spaces with ‘quiet’ zones had better employee satisfaction. When there are tasks requiring collaboration and discussion, employees favoured open-space suites – but when it came time to doing individual work, team members much preferred working in quieter spaces. Companies that designed their offices to incorporate both areas had better employee satisfaction overall as a result.

Support the environment in your office

The concept of a green office has at the fore front for the DB Interiors design team for over 5 years now. Businesses are recognising the benefits of ‘greening’ their offices from both an internal and external perspective. Staff love to be associated with companies that are known for their sustainable and clean, green approaches. Potential clients and customers can also be influenced to choose a company that promotes sustainable practices. Having a ‘green’ office and adding plants has also been proven to have a direct, positive effect on people’s moods.

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