Modern Architect’s Interior Design Office

Have you ever imagined how does an architect’s office look like? This one, which is located in Matosinhos, Portugal, seems to be a good example from Nuno Sampaio Arquitetos. It occupies a large central area which consits of offices, meeting room and which was divided  in order to provide enough space for two companies whose people can meet if they want, or stay in their part if they have different programs.

There is a physical separation  between the two spaces. The basement floor is the perfect place for different uses  a company (or two) might need. The wide space gives the impression of air, of space; the walls ensure artificial lighting, air circulation and climatization at the same time. What else can you wish for?  The combination of materials, wooden structure, metal  and all the other elements offer a global perspective of the existing space, illuminated by the central skylight and also ensuring natural ventilation.

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